Hi there!

We believe your website should be a strong foundation for your entire online presence, integrating with other online services and channels in powerful and user-friendly ways, with minimal effort. To do this, we specialize in making sites:

  • Fast, reliable, secure and easy to maintain.
  • A hub for your online content, with the ability to syndicate that content easily to any other channel.
  • Optimized to perform the business functions you need, whether it’s to gain leads, increase brand awareness, sell something, or all of the above, and always with thoughtfully architected and expertly implemented code.

I work at MODX, the company that maintains the world-renowned MODX CMS, used by millions of businesses small to huge. Let’s connect:

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What is "MODX"?

Below is a blurb from the CEO of MODX, Ryan Thrash, to help explain just that.

Creative Freedom

If you can prototype how a project should look and work, be it mobile responsive or JSON for integration with other platforms or whatever comes next, then MODX can power it. In fact with its first release in 2005, you could have built an HTML5/CSS3 mobile responsive website even though those technologies didn’t even exist at that time. If you are looking for theme-driven sites then MODX may not be the strongest choice, but if you want complete control over your design, behavior and presentation then there’s no better platform than MODX.


MODX was built for speed. A properly optimized site can serve shocking visitor counts even on modest hardware. For a quick case study of how we helped a customer move to a much smaller server while more than doubling his traffic, see http://modx.com/support-and-services/performance-pays/ … whether you have just a few thousand visitors per month or millions per day, MODX can scale to meet your traffic requirements exceptionally well.

Integrations & Custom Apps

MODX at its core is actually an application framework that just so happens to ship with a great CMS application. Its core code is an extension of PDO, this is the same technology that Drupal will adopt in D8 in the future for its data access layer. Only we’ve done this for ~5 years, and it is all wrapped in a robust development API. This means not only can you build content driven websites, but you can also create applications or integrate with external data sources and APIs by design. In fact, due to how MODX’s parser and template layers work, you can not only build websites, but also create applications that feed data to native iOS/Android Apps, output XML for integration with legacy platforms, or other things that require interoperability.


There are multiple approaches to handling multi-lingual sites that work from everything from 1:1 straight-translations, to partially-unique to each language for sections like news releases, to completely unique-per-language/country content. I’m not aware of any other platform that has the flexibility of dealing with multi-language requirements as elegantly as MODX can.


MODX’s native “Context” feature lets you build multiple sites that share content elements and much, much more. This can provide a way to build things like landing pages for marketing promotions, blogs, intranets, extranets, marketing sites and more… All managed from a single login with discreet permissions for user groups to access some, all, or none of it from either the front end or the backend Manager application.