MODX imgattr - Output Filter for Image Files

The Skinny

imgattr is an output filter snippet for MODX Revolution that gets attributes from image files. You need to supply it with a valid path to an image file, via a TV most likely.


Where the value of [[*image_tv]] is “assets/images/photo.jpg” with dimensions of 100px x 50px.

[[*image_tv:imgattr=`filename`]] => photo.jpg
[[*image_tv:imgattr=`filenameNoExt`]] => photo *v.1.0.0-pl1
[[*image_tv:imgattr=`width`]] => 100
[[*image_tv:imgattr=`height`]] => 50
[[*image_tv:imgattr=`dimensions`]] => width=”100” height=”50”
[[*image_tv:imgattr=`mime`]] => image/jpg

The Phat

Install via Package Management or download from the repo:

MODX is da BOMB!

*UPDATE: imgattr version 2.0.0-pl sports the following improvements:

  • Normalizes for base_url and prepends base_path for reliability
  • Sends errors to log instead of returning them
  • Added toPlaceholder support
  • General code improvements

A big shout-out to Mike @netProphET for his code betterment and testing goodness!