With the snippet an upload button for uploading multiple files with progress counter is generated. Works well in FF3.6+, Safari4+, Chrome and falls back to hidden iframe based upload in other browsers, providing good user experience everywhere.All uploaded files and generated thumbnails are given random filenames to avoid hotlinking uploaded not published files. Automatic thumbnail generation for uploaded jpeg, png and gif files. Other uploaded files will get a generic icon the file extension.With…


Estated Address Look up via PHP SnippetOnly Looks up Addresses for the template ID specified in System Settings.Saves Estated data back to resource TVs so it's cached and usable like normal MODX dataUpdates listings only when you hit the Estated Data Resource so you don't burn up API queries.Template Variable option to exclude resource from lookup so you don't burn up API queries.A chunk to display all parameters as a 2 column list.


With this extra you could hide and show template variable sets on resource base by the value of another template variable. The visibility of the sets could be toggled on the fly.For full details and an example configuration see the documentation.This project is hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/Jako/ToggleTVSet

MODX to Nutshell CRM

Now you can easily integrate your MODX FormIt forms with Nutshell, via the MODX to Nutshell CRM extra. Using the Nutshell API, the MODX to Nutshell CRM extra adds a custom hook you can add to your FormIt forms and generates leads, people and companies in your Nutshell environment based on your form fields.FeaturesChecks for existing People and Companies, based on form fieldsAutomatically adds a new Nutshell contact (People), using email address and name from your FormIt form.Adds a new Company and…


Add 2 Factor Authentication to MODX manager login & front end login via pre-hook for "Login" extra.2-factor authentications secures login by adding an extra authentication field "Authentication key" AKA one-time password. Even if user credentials are exposed in any way, the authentication is still protected by the one-time password which is changed every 30 seconds.

ResourceStore for Commerce

Fixes internal server error on order receive. Adds check to ensure target of 0 is not added.


MODX Minify is a MODX Extra to group and minify your CSS, SCSS, LESS and JS files. You can create groups, and each group can contain multiple files of the same type. So for instance you create a group named 'css' where you can add all your css, scss and less files. By calling the MODX Minify snippet inside a tag in your head a minified css file will be generated and cached which will contain all your files grouped and minified!UsageInstall the package via Package ManagementAdd…