Terms of Use and Disclosure

By using this website or any of the content contained herein, you hereby agree to take everything with a grain of salt. You agree not do anything stupid on account of something I say, because I won’t be liable for it if you do. You agree to indemnify me from any claims whatsoever, and to use your own good judgement at all times. Peace.

I will adhere to all privacy laws and make every reasonable effort to keep any personal information you provide to me as strictly confidential. Your personal information will not be sold or otherwise divulged to anyone unless you specifically give me permission, you ask me to do so, or the law requires it. By submitting your email address to download content from this site, you are agreeing to receive emails from me or my company from time to time. Instructions to unsubscribe will be contained in every email.

**The following disclosure statement was written by Shawn Collins on Affiliate Tip. I adhere to the same policies but this does not mean Shawn Collins endorses me. I’ve simply used his writing to state my own disclosure policy:

The Federal Trade Commission requires that I disclose any relationship I have between a product manufacturer or service provider when I write about a product or service:

  • I am never paid to do a review. I never accept money to review a product or service. I invest my own time to review and test products. I pay out of my own pocket the cost to produce all audio and/or video I record about products.
  • If I create a link to a product or service in a review, sometimes I may get paid a commission if you purchase the product or service. These links are included after posts are written, and posts are never composed for the purpose of including advertising.
  • No advertiser will ever influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog *except when it is clearly indicated as an advertisement or paid guest post - added by sepiariver.ca.

These are good rules and practices in today’s digital world. It’s important for you to understand the relationship between a person reviewing the product and the manufacturer or service provider. If you don’t see a disclosure policy on a blog, that reviewer may be violating the law or at the very least the Code of Ethics.